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President, Director

Toni Runnels

Bachelors Degree, Nutritional Transformation Coach, Former KCMO School Teacher, Ordained Minister, Life Coach, Event Planner, Holistic Therapist, Master Herbalist, Spiritual Counselor, NLP Practitioner, Author,

Fashion Designer/Tailor.


Treasurer, Director

LaTanya Cooper

Bachelors Degree, Human Resources Management Degree, Accounting,

Human Resources Management.  Oversee financials, basic bookkeeping, collect and report income, and expenses, create simple budget, keep a general ledger, make bank deposits, write checks, prepare and present a treasurer’s report at board meetings, check accounting work for errors, sign/approve checks and other payments, and sign the annual tax return for the organization.


La'Vena Pratt

Associates degree, Major - Therapeutic Massage, Minor - Business and Accounting, Executive Administrative Assistant (10+yrs), secretarial/data entry (20+yrs), types 196 words per minute. Proficient in Microsoft Office and other software programs, Computer Programmer (20+yrs).  Make sure board members receive important corporate documents, manage the internal communications, prepare and keep track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes from the meeting. Attend all board meetings to keep a detailed record of the board's actions.


LaTeef Runnels

High School diploma, 2 yrs college BS/BM, IT Technician, Auto Mechanic, 

Computer/IT Technician, Automobile upkeep, Program  Director, Develops new programming ideas and initiatives which assist the foundation in fulfilling
its mission, Community Relations, Represents the foundation at community events, grantee events, various engagements in Metropolitan Kansas City, elsewhere and on committees and non-grantee boards.



LeYani Runnels

High school diploma, Graduate Business/Technical/Industrial School, Supervisor at Grain Co., Owner; Cash Cars.

Community Relations,  Represents the foundation at community events, grantee events, various engagements in metropolitan Kansas City and on committees and non-grantee boards.

The Toni Runnels Family Foundation was established in December, 2016 for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes to educate the community in Health & Nutrition, mental/emotional well-being.

The Foundation offers a catalog of services and retreats throughout multiple cities.  Our mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income, elderly, disabled, and Veteran homeowners.

Our goal is to positively impact as many lives as possible with solutions for healthy living and holistic lifestyles. To develop, strengthen, knowledge of the relationship between health and nutrition and the effect on our bodies and dis-eases.  This awareness will lead to a stronger, healthier, more vibrant community and country. 

Administrative Assistant,

Shayla Nash


She is the carrier of many titles. She studied at the University of Missouri- Columbia with background in Accounting. She is also a Professional of Makeup Artistry. She completed her education in Cosmetology in 2003 from Herndon Career Center. 

She has a passion for enriching the community and the lives of others. She is responsible for assisting with administrative duties for the foundation and reports directly to the President.  She also handles Community Relations and represents the foundation at community events, grantee events, various engagements in metropolitan Kansas City, and on committees and non-grantee boards.


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