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STAY TUNED!  We have many activities, workshops & other future events being planned.


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  Thanks for visiting the

"Toni Runnels Family Charitable Foundation" website.

Mission Statement​

Our purpose is multifaceted, with programs for Life Skills and "At Risk" Intervention Programs.  

Our Vision

To implement programs for Families, Minorities, Elderly, Veterans, Disabled, that develop and strengthen knowledge of Self, Health/Nutrition and Stress Reduction, bringing "Balanced" Lifestyles, which will lead to a stronger, more vibrant Community, City and Planet . 

         Toni Runnels


Look for our upcoming events;

"Whole"-istic Health Affair;  Body, Mind & Spirit Healing

        "KIMI" (Keep It Moving Initiative) (Levels 1-2-3) 

        Walk It Off 

        How To Eat To Live vs How To Live To Eat  

        You Really ARE What You Eat !!!  (Transforming Your Food Choices)

        Meditation 101 Retreat

        Stress Reduction Weekend - "Turn Off The Electronics" 

        The Medicine in Your Own Yard

Nutrition Transformation Camp

Tree Huggers Retreat

Connect With The Ancestors Vision Quest 16 Day Retreat

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